Cloud technology enables the provisioning of IT solutions and systems according to business needs. The pandemic and the drive for teleworking have accelerated the rate of adoption of this trend.

Cloud Computing

is a technological services model that allows on-demand access to a set of shared and configurable resources (such as networks, servers, storage capacity, applications and services, etc) that can be quickly assigned and released with minimal management through the Internet.

Common national cloud offerings—such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud —all exemplify the common concept of cloud computing. The great feature is that cloud technology is on-demand. The user will obtain technology capabilities, like computing capacity, storage and databases, according to his needs at any time. The cloud provides a more flexible environment for accessing data and services, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Edge Computing

There is another technological service called EDGE Computing, which is a distributed information technology (IT) architecture in which client data is managed as close to the source as allowed at the network's border. The main difference between EDGE Computing and Cloud computing, is where the service is deployed, improving latency and bandwidth.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing has been used by many companies to provide their customers with a variety of services, and one of the main services is Cloud security, often known as cloud computing security, which is a subsection of cybersecurity that focuses on the protection of cloud computing systems.

Cloud security refers to the rules, hardware and software, best practices, strategies, procedures, and processes that keep cloud data, infrastructure, applications, and systems safe and secure.

Data privacy is protected, regulatory compliance is maintained, governance is provided, data retention is monitored, and authentication and access to data is controlled. The procedures used to safeguard data and infrastructure differ for each company, but they always serve to filter unwanted traffic and restrict access to authorized individuals. The platform provider and the end users share responsibility and security efforts. Processes, automatic protection, and end-user and infrastructure administrator education are all part of the most effective cloud security systems.

EXCELTIC has a Technology Services Department, which is composed of engineers with vast expertise in software development, as well as a broad range of technical knowledge in big data and cloud computing.


  • Cloud migration project management
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Architectural components in the cloud
  • Cloud resources
  • Cloud security management
  • Cloud app services
  • Deploying containers in the cloud
  • Database configuration and management
  • Outsourcing services



10 years of experience in technological projects


Full end-to-end technological engineering projects life cycle coverage


Multi-disciplinary local team, with regional experience and global perspective


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