To achieve the development of cutting-edge solutions that lead the 3D manufacturing industry, additive manufacturing (AM) techniques and 3D printing as a service (3DaaS) concepts are combined.

Digital printing is a new model for the business. It offers more options, features and flexibility than older methods, e.g., printing or flexographic writing. Nowadays, customers want printers to be able to create cost efficient quality in the fastest possible time frame.

There are numerous cases of digital printing machines, including manufacturing printing presses such as sheet-fed manufacturing printers, cut-sheet digital presses, inkjet printers and constant food printers. Digital writing is a new model for the business. It offers more options, features and flexibility than older methods, e.g., printing or flexographic writing.

Additive manufacturing is a manufacturing method in which materials (plastic, metal, etc) are applied layer after layer, in a controllable and predefined design. New custom geometric products are manufactured according to unique client’s demands for each industry, using industrial 3D printing.

One of the primary issues regarding this custom design method, is that it requires a huge initial investment and high fixed costs, becoming an unaffordable option for most markets. There is a new concept called 3D Printing as a service (3DaaS), that allows manufacturing companies to pay based on successfully printed units, affecting just their variable costs and requiring no initial investment.

EXCELTIC has an 3-D Printing Team located in Barcelona, which is constituted of engineers with vast expertise in software development, as well as a broad range of technical knowledge in 3-D Printing and new product life cycle management.


  • Software development
  • Product engineering
  • Big Data analytics
  • New product life cycle management
  • Test procedures and schedules
  • Record all documentation generated
  • Project’s management
  • Outsourcing services



16 years of experience in manufacturing and industrial projects

Full coverage

Full end-to-end technological project life cycle engineering

Multidisciplinary team

Multi-disciplinary local team, with regional experience and global perspective


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