Automated compliance with coding standards

QA-MISRA is a static analysis tool that allows developers to comply with C/C++ coding standards for functional safety (MISRA, AUTOSAR, etc.) and security (CERT and CWE, etc.). It also provides information through metrics and visualisations on the quality of the source code.

Why selective static analysis?

Visualisation of C classes.

Early detection of software errors.

Reduce the risk of software failure.

Shortening time to market.

Rapid static analysis of source code.

Free of false positives and negatives.

Configurable rule sets.

Continuous integration.

Detailed offline reports/reports.

Display of the call graph.

Permanent licence for use.

Code metrics.

Reducing the cost of compliance with coding standards.

Contextual explanations of the rules that help developers understand and learn.


Quick analysis of the C/C+ code

Analyses software packages very quickly, regardless of code base size.

Accurate compliance with standards

Verify that the code complies is free of false positives and false negatives in terms of syntactic coding rules.

Improving the quality of source code

Local multidisciplinary team, with regional experience and global perspective.


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QA-MISRA: Coding Standards

MISRA C 2012
C coding guidelines, including Amendments 1 & 2
MISRA C++ 2008
C++ Coding Guidelines
C++ for Adaptive Autosar
HIS Metrics
Hersteller Initiative Software
C++ coding standard for JSF (F-35 aircraft program)
CERT C/C++ 2016
C/C++ Coding Guidelines
CWE 4.7
Common Weakness Enumeration
ISO TS 17961:2013
C Secure Coding Rules

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